Kamillia Jasmine

The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot - Brand New
Thank you, Puberty Gods
I just want to be fucked like I’m wanted .-.
More whining.

Life just keeps getting better and fucking better. We lose the baby, I total my car, and then when we are at fucking church someone smashes Kevin’s window and steals my purse. Yesterday I had to bring my social security card in to work, so I put it in my wallet. Guess who forgot to take that out today? ME. Guess where my wallet was (with all my credit cards and everything else)? MY PURSE, which was fucking stolen! So, now we have to replace the window, my ID, my social security card, 4 credit cards, a debit card…. I’m so stressed… And all Kevin can do is get pissed off at me and yell at me…. No, don’t comfort me, that’s okay. It’s not like I’ve been through losing a child, almost dying, and now everything stolen… God, and here I thought I was the terrible partner. I give up. Life sucks and then you die. When does the dying part happen?


if i show someone my nippers and they don’t text me this they are out
I guess I just needed to get it off my chest

It breaks my heart. I know you weren’t planned and it would be hard, but I was going to make it work. I was going to show you how much you are loved, I was going to be such a damn good mom. Ever since I was little my dream was to be a kick ass mom, that I was going to be everything that my mom wasn’t. Once I found out, I promised myself I would give you the life you deserve, I promised I wouldn’t settle for anything less than perfect. I’m sorry I wasn’t enough for you, I’m sorry you had to leave, I’m sorry I couldn’t keep you healthy enough, I’m sorry… I don’t know how to get through this one, I wanted to be your mom, I mean at first? Fuck, I had no idea what to do. But, I got used to it. When I heard your heartbeat I realized that I was going to be your mom, your best friend, and your worst enemy sometimes. But, I was going to kick ass at it. I love you, still do. I’ll see you up in the clouds one day, baby. Mommy loves you.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead behind the scenes of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010)