Kamillia Jasmine
Kevin James Kelley

I will forever love you, I will forever be by your side and be here to support you. I understand that you want to be gone so know that. But, I’m here waiting for you. I’m broken Kevin, I want you home and I want us to be us again. I want you. I fucked up and I’m so sorry. I will be trying to be okay, I will be bettering myself every day in hope that I can make it through is and that you see that I am a better woman. I will be coping with this the best way I can. I will do all of this and I hope you know I’m doing all of this with you in my mind. I love you, till the day I die. I am here and I will never leave. I’m so sorry. Please come back to me one day. Please. The moment you show up to Melissa’s house, you know where it is, the moment you text or call me, the moment where you see me at work and tell me you want me, I’ll be there. I promised you that I would never give up on you. And I’m not. I’m here and I’ve got your back. Through thick and thin. I’ll take you back if you’d have me, here I am, I’m trying.




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Sworn In // Snake Eyes