Kamillia Jasmine
I guess I just needed to get it off my chest

It breaks my heart. I know you weren’t planned and it would be hard, but I was going to make it work. I was going to show you how much you are loved, I was going to be such a damn good mom. Ever since I was little my dream was to be a kick ass mom, that I was going to be everything that my mom wasn’t. Once I found out, I promised myself I would give you the life you deserve, I promised I wouldn’t settle for anything less than perfect. I’m sorry I wasn’t enough for you, I’m sorry you had to leave, I’m sorry I couldn’t keep you healthy enough, I’m sorry… I don’t know how to get through this one, I wanted to be your mom, I mean at first? Fuck, I had no idea what to do. But, I got used to it. When I heard your heartbeat I realized that I was going to be your mom, your best friend, and your worst enemy sometimes. But, I was going to kick ass at it. I love you, still do. I’ll see you up in the clouds one day, baby. Mommy loves you.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead behind the scenes of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010)