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untitled by Kyle Scully on Flickr.

One of the many photos from my Bridal Boudoir photo shoot, but the only one that has my consent being online. All others have been asked to be taken down and do not belong on the internet. 

So, I haven’t really been posting much and it’s becauseeee I’M ENGAGED!!!! Kevin and I have been engaged since November, we have the venue, the photographer, the hair stylist, pretty much everything. I’ve found my dress as well. God, December could not come fast enough!!!! When he asked, I honestly thought it was a dream and I couldn’t believe it was happening. But, it is and I’m so excited. :3 

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If you’re ever in the mood for something random or want to learn something new (and quite possibly unnecessary), I highly suggest you head over to BuzzFeed. It’s full of UBI’s (aka Useless Bits of Information) that will leave you pretty entertained.

However, one article that is not so…


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Parker Cannon of The Story So FarFirebird | St. LouisDecember 3, 2013
I’m honestly surprised I snagged this shot, after all the hell I went through to get a decent spot to take a few photos of this tour. Overall sick show. I originally didn’t want to release any photos until later, but I loved this one so much, I had to share. :)

Blink 128 - First Date ‘